Casual Day Out | My Style

Whether I’m checking off my shopping list or going to the movies with friends, this is my casual go-to outfit!

To fight off the heat I grabbed a loose, cool T-shirt. And

paired it with my favorite denim jeans.


I added some style to my jeans by cuffing them on the ends and wearing a pare of classic converse.


Add of course my favorite (as you can probably tell) backpack! I love bags, like this, because they have all the room I need for water, snacks, and other spoonie necessities; plus straps on the back, it’s easier for me to carry around.

Also it has enough room for a hoodie in case I suddenly get cold at the movie theater!


It’s a simple oufit, but sometimes simple is best (especially for us spoonies!)

Stay unique, and have a spoon-tabulous day!
♥ ~ Raindoodlie



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