Yoga With Mr Darcy

Thank you for accompanying me for my fluffy morning yoga routine!
Here are some of my favorite poses…

Fluffy Twist PoseMr Darcy Yoga 2

Start off on your side, curl up your back paws, twist and reach for the clouds . . . that resemble that detestable mouse that repeatedly evaded my grasp, the other day.

Fabulous PoseMr Darcy Yoga 3

Lay on your back and extend one paw to the sky and hold for five three seconds and think about how fabulous you are.

Kawaii PoseMr Darcy Yoga 5

While on your back strike the cutest pose you can possibly think of and wait for human’s attention. If your human does not pet you immediately, simply meow several times to show them you’re not angry, you’re just disappointed.

Mr Darcy Yoga 6

Excellent work!

We have accomplished a lot today. Your perseverance is commendable! Now it is time to award yourself with plenty of kitty food and a lengthy nap.

Until next time,
Mr Darcy


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