Planning With ME

With brain fog, it can be very difficult keeping track of tasks, plans, and simple health care. Many days I’ve found myself floating through the hours in a daze; not even having the clarity of mind to know when I should stop, rest, or even eat. And when I happen to have enough energy to do a task, brain fog can be so bad that I can’t remember what I need to get done.

For these reasons and more I have found my bullet journal to be so helpful! I’ve tried day planners in the past and they’ve always been too clutter and not suitable for a spoonie life. But with a bullet journal, I can design and use it in a way that works best for my life. Plus it’s a great creative outlet.

Here is my daily, spoonie routine that I’ve made to help keep track of my hours a little better and to remind me of when I need to stop and take care of my health. (Yes, there’s a LOT of breaks!)


To make my daily routine I first took note of times I tend to crash, when I need to eat, and little things I tend to forget. Then I broke them down into the different times of day. For an example, If you find that you tend to crash (or crash the most) around 2PM, I would write it out something like this…

2PM Break
Snack – I don’t eat a lot but I do need to eat often.
Stretch/Movement Therapy – To help with Fibro. and ME pain.
Remove Media/Phone – To help relieve my mind and relax.
Soothe Sensitives – Block out light, remove sounds or turn on a fan to block out sounds, substitute a strong smelling lotion for a scentless one, etc.

I also included in my routine habits I want to stop, good habits I want to start, reminds to eat, stretch, etc. This is not a set-in-stone routine. No doubt, it will evolve as I see what is or isn’t working. I’m already seeing some changes I need to make. But I feel like this is a good start!

If you decide you want to make a daily routine or have made one, don’t feel bad if it doesn’t go all as planned. I know that we usually have no warning of when we’ll crash or what day will be a “good day” or a extra bad day. This is just a general guideline to help you get through the daily and show that nasty brain fog that you can’t be bossed around! ^_~ Also, remember to schedule your routine for YOUR life and what works best for you. If you need to take lots of breaks, then do it! Even if all you put on your daily routine is “Eat, Rest, Eat, Sleep” then that’s ok. Make it in a way that helps you manage your life and health the best you can.

I know that everyone’s situation and symptom severity is different. These thoughts and tips are simply some things I have found to help me in my particular level of health. What works for me at the moment may not be right for you.

That being said, I hope this did help you in some way.

Stay brave my friends!




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