Mr Darcy’s Bucket List

I have composed a list of aspirations of which I, with all vigor and resolve, will endeavor to achieve by the end of this month.

  • Climb more than halfway up a tree
  • Learn bird talk
  • Sleep under human’s bed
  • Sleep on human’s bed
  • Sleep in the corner of human’s room
  • Sleep in other corner
  • Sleep in dark corner
  • Sleep in cool corner
  • Be faster than a bird
  • Catch all the flies
  • Learn how to jump higher
  • Take the barn back from the noisy, large birds
  • Tell the black and white, stinky cat to stop eating my food
  • Tell the big, loud bird to stop screaming every morning
  • Run for more than 3 yards
  • Get human to keep my food dish FULL at all times
  • Find my Miss Bennet


If any have such a list as this, I wish you all success. May you achieve the fluffiest of goals!

Mr Darcy



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