The Case of the Missing Water Pt. 1

For quite some time I have had suspicions that someone has been stealing my water supply. I have discussed this at length with my human but she seem oblivious to my worries.  The water has continued to decrease so I decided to take it upon myself to investigate the disappearances.

It was a dark, muggy night. I was carrying out my evening routine of grooming when, suddenly, I saw a dark figure flutter through the night air. I, having strong instinct for spying out suspicious creatures, jumped into action and sprung from the porch in an attempt to catch the mysterious creature and interrogate it. However, it must have been tipped off for it managed to escape my grasp.

Undeterred I settled down into the grass, becoming invisible to the average eye. My human, who must have sensed that I as still present, tried to convince me to abandon this quest. I conveyed to her, with a stern gaze, that I acknowledged she was only worried for my safety and assured her that I had the situation under control and was in no danger. She eventually saw the truth, that I could fend off any dangerous assailant that dared to confront me and left.

Alas, the stakeout proved futile therefore I returned to my water supply and, again, there the waterline was lower. (Human disagrees) This has confirmed my suspicions. And I have no doubt that the mysterious figure of the night has something to do with the water theft or at the very least knows something about it.

I will not rest until this case is solved and the perpetrator is found.

~To be continued~

Fearless and resolute,
Mr Darcy



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