July Favorites

It’s been fun a July but before we jump into August here’s some favorites I thought I’d share with you…

‘I Want to Leave’ Sweatshirt



I’d been eyeing this sweatshirt from Wicked Clothes for a long time and I finally decided
that it was worth ordering! I love it so much for several reasons. One, it’s black. Two, it’s an amazing X-Files reference (one of my favorite TV shows.) And three, it’s perfect for a introvert/spoonie! Also, it’s extremely cozy. Even in the summertime ME can make me suddenly cold so it’s already been getting a lot of use.

Sunscreen Cushion PA+++


I haven’t been able to get out in the sun that much this summer so even though I don’t burn easy I knew a whole day in the sun at the upcoming festival could result in some lobster skin. I’ve heard some really good reviews Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill RX and it has PA+++ so I thought I’d give it a go! It doesn’t show much but it was still a little light for me so next time I will use it as a setting powder (as many people do) before contouring. It felt really nice; I couldn’t even tell I had it on. And here I was, the day after being in the sun for a full day for the first time this summer and no burning what so ever! I would definitely recommend this product.

Music Spotlight

If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys – Smooth Jazz Tribute
Miss Independent- Ne-Yo Smooth Jazz Tribute
How You Gonna Act Like That – Tyrese (Smooth Jazz All Stars cover)

A while ago I stumbled across these amazing smooth jazz covers of my R&B favorite artists. I love classic R&B but I’ll admit I used to hate jazz. However in the past few years it has gradually become another one of my favorite genres. So finding a combination of the two made me very happy to say the least! I could (and have) listen to these jazz covers for days.



I stumbled across the channel, Gothamista, while browsing Youtube. She has helpful and informative videos on health and beauty products. I like that she goes into the science about why and how something will help you instead of just telling you to go buy it. I’ve already followed her advice on which products I should use for my acne prone skin and my face already feels better! Renée has a nice, likable personality, way of talking, and makes professional quality, comprehensible videos.


The X-Files


I started watching The X-Files a long time ago and it’s been one of those (few) shows that I didn’t rush, instead I took my time over the years. I’m only just now in season 7 and I am continually astounded by the quality of this show! The dialogue, story development, and characters are all amazing. It truly is a classic Sci-fi show, there will never be one like it. It’s not a non stop action or comedy (although it does include both of those) but that’s what I love about it. The writers didn’t get wrapped up in filling it with non stop hype. Instead they tell good, thought out stories with great humor incorporated here and there. Well worth watching!

Thanks for reading. I hope you had a marvelous month of July and take care!




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