Challenging Sketches

From way back I’ve loved traditional Irish music groups such as The High Kings, The Irish Rovers etc. and when I first saw Socks and the Frying Pan at the Dayton Celtic Festival 3 years ago I instantly became a fan.

These talented artists from Ireland are so sweet and talented. They put in such an abundance of time and effort to bring us amazing music and fun concerts so I wanted to find a way of giving back. Even though I’ve had very little practice with serious sketches (only one to be precise), I wanted to attempt a sketch of each of them as a gift.


I chose this photo because of the interesting lighting and shadows as well as catching Fiachra’s bright smile! He said he looked like Boromir in the drawing, do you agree? Coincidentally Boromir is the only other person I’ve seriously sketched before these drawings.

Fiachra Hayes is the vocalist and a talented musician who plays many instruments, though usually the fiddle or banjo. In their most recent album ‘Without a Paddle’ Fiachra does an amazing job of singing ‘Dublin Blues’ which I was ecstatic to get to see live!



As soon as I saw this photo I knew I wanted to draw it. It’s an artistic photo that shows Aodán’s sweet smile. Eyes are always my favorite thing to draw. I hope I captured his sparkle in the sketch!

Aodán Coyne, the guitarist and vocalist for Socks in the Frying Pan as well as having a shining solo career. I have enjoyed his album ‘If We Only Knew‘ just as much as Socks albums. Aodán has that classic, beautiful Irish voice that I have always loved. Recently he also has made Irish trad music videos.



There was a strong, dark contrast to this photo which I thought would be interesting to draw. Plus, it’s always been my favorite photo of Shane! Between how dark the shadows were and the details it was very difficult to draw the accordion. I hope it came out accurately, it’s such a beautiful instrument.

Shane Hayes is the vocalist and award winning accordion player. When he’s not picking on his younger brother, Fiachra, he’s always got a joke or two to tell. One of my favorite songs from their album ‘Return of the Giant Sock Monsters from Outer Space‘ is ‘When I’m Gone.’ Shane brings life to such a touching and meaningful song.

The only tools I used is my trusty Koh-I-Noor Gioconda 10Pc Artist Set and some extra blending Tortillions and Stumps. The Gioconda set has been a favorite of mind for quite some time now. Rubber eraser that came with it is amazing and I can’t believe I survived so long without one! (I believe you can find rubber erasers also sold separately in almost any art store.)

It took me weeks and an abundance of hours however I managed to get them done in time. Obviously, I need more practice, they’re not perfect, but that’s what practice is for. Just like in life, you can let mistakes bring you down and make you give up or you can learn from them and use them as stepping stones toward your destination.♥


Socks in the Frying Pan are such amazing artists I highly recommend you check out their music!
What is your favorite art style?



(These pictures are free to share (not sell) but please give credit, thank you.)



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