Summer Concert Outfit


Fall is coming but there’s still some summer fun to be had yet before you jump into the season of bonfires!

I love concerts and festivals of all types but my favorites are always the Celtic festivals. Festivals can be pretty hot in the summer, though, and since you’re more than likely going to be there awhile it’s good to wear a outfit that you know you’ll be cool and comfortable in all day.


For this outfit I put this festive T-shirt that I revamped over a black tank top; and to dress it up a bit I grabbed some 50’s pinup style shorts and black multi strap sandals.

Sandals have more support than flip flops but still keep your feet cool. (For you spoonies out there I highly advise you dump the flip flops because they can make your body work much harder and are easier to slip in.)










And of course a cross strap bag that’s big enough for the essentials but is light enough that you won’t get a backache. I love this black purse, it has just enough silver studs to make in me happy but also simple enough to not draw attention away from the rest of the outfit or look out of place.


Thanks for stopping by!
What festivals or music concerts do you have yet to look forward to this summer?






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