Summer Florals



Flowers aren’t just for the bees. Here are some fun, summer looks featuring floral prints!

Outfit #1

Casual 80’s retro inspired outfit.

I found this light denim shirt at a thrift store and, though it’s not my normally my taste, I couldn’t pass it up! I felt it was a unique, almost 80’s style shirt. I tucked the shirt into some dark denim jeans and of course wore my trusty pair of white converse.









Keeping the makeup simple, I used subtle rosy shades of eyeshadow, lipstain, and blush. I lightly straightened my hair and loosely pulled back the sides for a pretty, youthful look.


Outfit #2

Once upon a summer’s eve.


This calico cropped tank-top in beautiful shades of blue paired with a long black maxi shirt and black strappy sandals is the perfect semi-dress combo for a summer’s night out.










This time I went for heavier, richer makeup that had that tan, summer’s glow. Also, to add a unique accessory to the outfit I choose this fantastic ribcage necklace I got from Wicked Clothes.



Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked these flowery looks and are enjoying these last days of summer!

Do you have a favorite floral wardrobe piece? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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