Feather Quill Calligraphy

Feather Quill Calligraphy | Beginner | Thoughts

A while ago I was given a few things of my grandmother’s. Some of those included ink, and several feather quills she had made. I’ve been inspired to get back into calligraphy lately, in no small part due to Little Coffee Fox who is always sharing her amazing writing skills with brush pens.

No two quills are exactly alike – each is as unique as its writer.

The use of the feather quill has been used by countless, diverse people for many centuries. It’s fascinating to use once again such a historic tool. And I love how each feather is beautiful and unique in its own way. I found the lovely quote above in this article I read today, A Short History of the Quill.










I didn’t have an ink well so I grabbed an old Gerber baby food jar and painted the lid gold. It’s nothing special but it worked and it’s cute!



This was my first attempt. (Happy first day of fall!!) I went for that messy, script calligraphy look and ended up being pretty happy with it. My next attempts didn’t go so smoothly . . . but that’s what practice is for!

Speaking of practice, here are two good calligraphy books that I have been using to improve my skills. I don’t know if these are the best books out there but I they have been a big help to me for years.

The Calligraphy Sourcebook by Miriam Stribley
Calligraphic Lettering with Wide Pen and Brush by Ralph Douglass



This is one of my later attempts. I found this lovely quote by Voltaire and had to share it! I can’t tell you how much fun this is! If you’re into calligraphy I highly recommend you get, or better yet, make your own feather quill and try them out.



Thanks for reading! Talk to you again soon. Take care!





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