Removing Toxic Items from Your Life

Removing Toxic Items From Your Life | Blog post | @raindoodlie

We’ve all heard about harm that toxic relationships and toxic people can do to our lives but what about objects?

Some years ago I started doing something that has helped me both mentally and psychically and that’s removing toxic items from my life. You might be thinking of dangerous chemicals in cleaners or unhealthy foods but that is not what this is going to be about.

From what I remember, this all started with a shirt. This was a cute shirt, it was cozy and a favorite of mine for a while. But one time I wore it and something bad happened emotionally that day and ever since I was always was reminded of it when I wore the shirt. I would try to brush the memory aside but we all know how a bad memory can quickly ruin a good mood. When I wasn’t thinking about it my subconscious was still aware of it and reacted with physical symptoms such as stomach aches. These results were usually mild and easy to miss but they still occurred. Held on to the shirt, not willing to give up a perfectly fine piece of clothing.

Feeling connected to objects?

At the time I was taking Mickel Therapy for a chronic illness I have called ME/CFS. In the therapy some of the “homework” she gave me was to keep a journal. I won’t go into all the details here. But part of it included writing down when symptoms flared and what happened just before the increased how I felt emotionally. Among other things this helped me connect events to specific feelings. Later I got to thinking, “what about the connection of specific feelings to objects?”

I felt like a weight was lifted.

Standing in front of my closet I went to grab that “favorite” shirt but paused. I thought once again, “I hate this shirt, I don’t want to be reminded of that bad memory, it’s a nice shirt though…I don’t want to be wasteful, plus I don’t have many clothes.” These were the thoughts I always had. Why should I keep it though? Is it really worth it. Is it worth the hurtful memories? How could a shirt be worth the kind of effect it had on my day? I was fed up! I threw it out (donated it) once and for all! And guess what? I felt like a weight was lifted and never regretted my decision.

From that point on I’ve continued to get rid of things connected to bad feelings and memories. The idea spread from the closet to house items to even music. The more I cleaned up my material life the more my mental life was healed. Obviously, I’m not saying that this will cure a chronic illness like ME but it is true that mental stress can play a big role in causing or increased physical ailments.

All these little things can add up to be a heavy weight in your life.

An ordinary thing such as a keychain can seem of little importance but if it’s connected to memories of a bad relationship then, though it’s small, it can be a burden. Keeping all these “little” toxic things can add up to be a heavy weight in your life. Sometimes we don’t even realize the weight we are carrying until it’s lifted.

To go even deeper we could address harmful thinking. Anger, thoughts of jealousy, of self harm (physical and mental), thoughts of regret etc. These thoughts are even more toxic than items and should never be given a comfortable seat in your heart.♥

I challenge you to rid yourself of that toxic clothing and give them to someone who can truly enjoy them. Delete that catchy, but toxic song. Release your mind and soul of damaging thoughts. Don’t let these toxic things infect your life!


Thanks for reading; I hope you found this helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you decide to take me up on my challenge I would love to hear how it goes for you!

Until next time.



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