Autumn Playlist | Chill Tunes

Time for the hot chocolate and a good book. It’s really starting to feel like autumn here in Ohio and I couldn’t be happier!

I don’t know about you but I like to pick theme songs/playlists for a certain day, week, or season of my life. This fall I have been enjoying some new favorite songs of mine that I recently found.

Music is something I love listening to and I love sharing it with others just as much! So here’s my fall playlist. I hope you enjoy!


City and Colour – We Found Each Other in the Dark
City and Colour – Northern Wind
These lovely songs were featured on my friend Kendra’s fall playlist; I think they fit the mood of fall so well!

Apache Tomcat – A Slow Collision
Apache Tomcat – Something Deep
I found these two songs through watching one of Bunny’s videos that she had used one of the songs in. (Thanks Bunny!)

Midge Ure – The Man Who Sold The World
Some of you games might recognize this song from the soundtrack of Metal Gear Solid V. It’s an unusual song with an unusual sound. It reminds me of the song, from The Lost boys, Cry Little Sister. (Which reminds me, I need to watch that movie again this Halloween!)

Cary Brothers – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
I first heard this amazing artist on an episode of Scrubs and have been hooked on his music ever since!

Springish – Gillicuddy
Running Waters – Jason Shaw
These are two more songs I discovered on Free Music Archive, it’s a great source to find interesting, lesser known songs and artists; which I’m always happy to find.

Collapse Under The Empire – What The Heart Craves For
Perfect song for a peaceful evening watching the leaves chase each other across the ground and sipping a cup of hot cocoa.



What’s your favorite tunes for autumn?





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