Vintage Christmas Dress | Vlog

Christmas time is here!

This beautiful vintage dress was given to me by my aunt. It was so much fun to wear and I am thankful I got to wear it to my friends’ party. There was a lot of Post-exertional malaise and it was hard being there but it was still lots of fun! I don’t wear red much but this was such a fun dress and the velvet was so pretty I decided to allow it into my minimalist wardrobe.






Christmas is a very stressful time for me and I know for many others as well. There’s parties to go to but ME and Fibro makes it hard to attend them and/or enjoy them. I want to give nice gifts but I don’t have the money. I try to make gifts homemade but that requires a lot of energy as well, energy I don’t have.

I also know that many are more sick that me and have less. I can’t help but to get discouraged and feel like I’m selfish for not doing more for others, for not giving more. I know I can’t help that I’m sick and I know I do the best that I can. But that does not stop the guilt.

Other spoonies struggle with this as well and many don’t see what we go through just to attend one party or visit with family members or even to get through the day.

These times of year are hard on us but I am trying to find what little things I can do for others and not let myself feel bad for things I can’t control. Instead of focusing on my faults I want to be thankful for what God has given me. I hope that you as well can find contentment in whatever you can do. If all you could manage this season was breathing then good for you! I know you are doing all that you can. Not everyone will understand but those of us in the spoonie community know what it’s like and do not judge you. ♥



The velvet was such a bright red and the dress was so detailed that I didn’t want the outfit to be too overwhelming so I think keeping everything else pretty simple. I think the that black also helped the dress remain the center of focus.



The cream/white lower part of the dress has beautiful floral detail that ties in with the velvet roses well. I surprised of how good of shape the flowers are for it being a vintage dress!




It was like being in a fairy tale while filming this.



I wanted a pair of shoes that were dressy but didn’t take away from the dress too much. A friend of mind suggested Mary Jane’s and I think their simple, classic style matched the outfit perfectly!




That day was like filming in a fairy tale. It was freezing but the snow was falling so beautifully. Unfortunately, I paid for my little outing dearly with many spoons, but I think it was worth it.




I love, love, love clear umbrellas! I like to see the rain (or snow) while staying dry. My aunt found this thrift, vintage umbrella and was kind enough to give it to me. I also love it’s round, dome like shape.


I made a little video to go with this as well. ^_^


Vintage, Velvet Dress: gift
Knit Sweater: Rue 21
Umbrella: gift
Tights: Rue 21
Mary Jane Heels: thrift

Everyone take care, God bless, and Merry Christmas!



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