Spring | 2017


Here’s some video clips and photos from my home during springtime this year! I don’t know what else to write here so…I just leave it at that and let you see the beauties of God’s creation. Please enjoy! ♥



I love walking in the orchard when the apple trees are blossoming. The smell of the blooms and the petals falling through the air makes me feel like I’m in some sort of fairy tale.



Leaves are so elegant, don’t you think? This one is from an apple tree.



Sunset in Ohio. Look at how soft those clouds are! When I was little I dreamed of sleeping in the clouds.



An opportune moment; purple Lilacs in front of a pink and purple sunset. Lilacs are so pretty and smell so good! Do you have Lilacs bushes where you live?



Another Ohio sunset!



“You got to strut like you mean it…” (I was a Cheetah Sisters fan.) Martin Jr. (the cow) doesn’t look too impressed with her strut, though.



“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” I love the colors of the sky that night. The sun was just starting to set.



The sunrise shining through a Dandelion. I had to lay flat on the ground for this shot…I wonder what the neighbors thought as they drove by.



The clouds that day were like popcorn. So cute!



I think raindrops are just as beautiful as any precious gemstone. Rainy days are not only my favorite days, but also my favorite days to take photos. The grey skies create the perfect lighting.



Mr Darcy was rolling around and striking cute poses for the camera. I think he knows he’s cute, what do you think?


As an art, I love photography. But that is not the only reason I do it. It’s not just a hobby but to keep a record of what I see, a record of my life. I have M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) a chronic illness which has many symptoms. One symptom being memory loss. Most of the time this doesn’t make me sad. Not because it isn’t sad but because if you have no memory of what you have lost, then you don’t know that you have lost anything. (Which is even more sad.) But there are times when I look back on the past several months and realize I have very little memory of what happened. And what I do remember, is hazy. People will sometimes mention things or show me a picture of an event I should remember but the memory is gone for me. It doesn’t matter how important the memory is, M.E. can take it away. I hate looking back at yesterday, 1 month ago, 2 years ago, etc. and it being a blank page.

So, I may not be able to record my whole life in photos, and they are not the same as a memory, but it’s something. And that is one reason that I am interested in photography.

Another reason being that I know not everyone has access to nature like I do. Or like some others with debilitating illnesses, such as M.E, may not have the health to walk outside or even look out a window. I used to be bed-bound, also, (and sometimes still am) so I know what it’s like to be trapped inside the four walls of your room; to be trapped inside your own body. The nature and animals make me so happy and, though photos aren’t the same, I hope that these bring some joy to your life as well.



“The flowers appear on the earth;

The time of singing has come,

And the voice of the turtledove

Is heard in our land.”

Song of Solomon 2:12-13



Please feel free to leave a comment! Would you like to see more blog posts of this sort? I hope you are well and I hope that you enjoy your summer.







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