Who is Raindoodlie?

I’m a 24-year-old follower of Christ, artist, and 13 years+ fighter of two chronic illnesses (ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.)

I created this website to hopefully help others by posting tips and thoughts on living with a chronic/invisible illness, to raise awareness for ME, Fibro and other invisible illnesses, to spread the love Christ, and to share with you my life, thoughts, and various other interests including art, fashion, DIYs, geeky stuff, and more!

There won’t be a schedule. I will post anytime I have new ideas, experiences or inspirations; and as much as health allows.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some of it helpful! Come back anytime.

(P.S. This blog is on a hiatus due to health. I’m currently trying to figure out my life’s focus and my limits. Thank you for your patience. ♥)