Birthday | Relapse | Blessings

Birthdays can be a lot of fun but this year I can’t help but to reflect on the past year and feel a bit of sadness. I feel like it was wasted. Another year of ME holding me back. Again, I feel like my illnesses have frozen me in place while the rest of the world flies past me. Others progress through their life while look at my own and just see empty days of laying in bed, struggling through every task, working so hard towards my goals and dreams in life but getting no closer to them.

This past year has not gone according to plan. Since my relapse last year around this time, ME and Fibro symptoms have steadily and substantially increased. Once again we’re going through the circus of doctors who lack the understanding and will to understand my situation. Once again, looking for answers and finding more failed treatments. Read More


Removing Toxic Items from Your Life

Removing Toxic Items From Your Life | Blog post | @raindoodlie

We’ve all heard about harm that toxic relationships and toxic people can do to our lives but what about objects?

Some years ago I started doing something that has helped me both mentally and psychically and that’s removing toxic items from my life. You might be thinking of dangerous chemicals in cleaners or unhealthy foods but that is not what this is going to be about.

From what I remember, this all started with a shirt. This was a cute shirt, it was cozy and a favorite of mine for a while. But one time I wore it and something bad happened emotionally that day and ever since I was always was reminded of it when I wore the shirt. I would try to brush the memory aside but we all know how a bad memory can Read More

Don’t Laugh at M.E.

I know that many people with many various illnesses have gone through similar experiences and have similar symptoms, such as Fibromyalgia, which is another illness that I have. However, I kept this post zeroed in on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) just to keep things simple.

First, without going too much in depth on every ME symptom and they’re causes, let’s talk a bit about these blunders and what attributes to them. Keep in mind, yes, everyone sometimes looses track of what they were saying or Read More

Planning With ME

With brain fog, it can be very difficult keeping track of tasks, plans, and simple health care. Many days I’ve found myself floating through the hours in a daze; not even having the clarity of mind to know when I should stop, rest, or even eat. And when I happen to have enough energy to do a task, brain fog can be so bad that I can’t remember what I need to get done.

For these reasons and more I Read More