Feather Quill Calligraphy

Feather Quill Calligraphy | Beginner | Thoughts

A while ago I was given a few things of my grandmother’s. Some of those included ink, and several feather quills she had made. I’ve been inspired to get back into calligraphy lately, in no small part due to Little Coffee Fox who is always sharing her amazing writing skills with brush pens.

No two quills are exactly alike – each is as unique as its writer.

The use of the feather quill has been used by countless, diverse people for many centuries. It’s fascinating to use once again such a historic tool. And I love how Read More


Summer Florals



Flowers aren’t just for the bees. Here are some fun, summer looks featuring floral prints! Read More

Summer Concert Outfit


Fall is coming but there’s still some summer fun to be had yet before you jump into the season of bonfires!

I love concerts and festivals of all types but my favorites are always the Celtic festivals. Festivals can be pretty hot in the summer, though, and since you’re more than likely going to be there awhile it’s good to wear a outfit that Read More

Don’t Laugh at M.E.

I know that many people with many various illnesses have gone through similar experiences and have similar symptoms, such as Fibromyalgia, which is another illness that I have. However, I kept this post zeroed in on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) just to keep things simple.

First, without going too much in depth on every ME symptom and they’re causes, let’s talk a bit about these blunders and what attributes to them. Keep in mind, yes, everyone sometimes looses track of what they were saying or Read More

DIY Vintage Minimalist Pot

How to turn a rusty, vintage coffee can into a minimalist, gold flower pot.

My poor Aloe Vera plant has been sitting in it’s little, plastic pot for months while I tried to find a neat, inexpensive pot I liked. All the ones I found in town just never caught my eye. One day I suddenly got the idea of Read More

Challenging Sketches

From way back I’ve loved traditional Irish music groups such as The High Kings, The Irish Rovers etc. and when I first saw Socks and the Frying Pan at the Dayton Celtic Festival 3 years ago I instantly became a fan.

These talented artists from Ireland are so sweet and talented. They put in such an abundance of time and effort to bring us amazing music and fun concerts so I wanted to find a way of giving back. Even though I’ve Read More

July Favorites

It’s been fun a July but before we jump into August here’s some favorites I thought I’d share with you…

‘I Want to Leave’ Sweatshirt

Wicked-Clothes-Alien Read More

The Case of the Missing Water Pt. 1

For quite some time I have had suspicions that someone has been stealing my water supply. I have discussed this at length with my human but she seem oblivious to my worries.  The water has continued to decrease so I decided to take it upon myself to investigate the disappearances. Read More

Minimalist Denim Outfit

Classic minimal outfit that is (of course) comfortable to wear!

I kept my hair free and natural. I when for mostly natural looking makeup with a bit gold eye shadow. But to bring some color to the outfit I Read More